Sahoca Fundraising Project

Sahoca Fundraising Project

Restoring the Heart of Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid: A Legacy of Transformation

In the heart of our beloved Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid, echoes of the past mingle with the vibrant dreams of the future. We, SAHOCA KL, are excited to share a project close to our hearts, one that aims to restore the college’s essence and create a nurturing environment for the young minds that roam its corridors.

The Project:
Our noble institution, which has nurtured countless talents and has seen generations of students walk through its doors, now calls for our support. We embark on a mission to refurbish the Form 3 classrooms (involving 5 classrooms), ensuring a conducive and inspiring atmosphere for our current students.

Why We Need Your Support:

Repainting: The passage of time has left its mark on our classrooms. The once-vibrant walls have faded, and the surroundings that once echoed with knowledge need a fresh coat of paint. Your contribution will rekindle the spirit of learning.

General Repairs: The wear and tear of decades can be seen in the cracked floors, faulty lighting, and creaking desks. With your generous donations, we can breathe life back into these spaces, making them comfortable and functional for our students.

Replacing Tables and Chairs: Imagine sitting in a classroom with broken tables and wobbly chairs. It’s not conducive to learning. Your support will provide our Form 3 students with a comfortable and supportive learning environment.

The Impact:
By contributing to this project, you’ll be investing in the future of Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid. You’ll be ensuring that the upcoming generations of students have a space where they can thrive, where they can dream, and where they can realize their potential. Your support will enable them to focus on their studies and achieve their goals without the distractions of a deteriorating environment.

How You Can Help:
We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey. Your generous donations, no matter the size, will make a significant difference. Your legacy as a Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid alumni will shine through in the renewed classrooms that inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

Join us in restoring the heart of Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid. Your support will ensure that the spirit of this institution continues to burn brightly, lighting the way for countless more generations to come.

Donate today, and together, we’ll leave a lasting legacy of transformation for our beloved college.

Thank you for your support!

Note : We would very grateful if you could contribute additional tips to SAHOCA KL by opting for Tip function. The tip will be used to cater day to day operation of SAHOCA KL.

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